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Ingersoll 7020
Ingersoll 7020

The 7020 is the only four-wheel drive model Case Ingersoll built. With the heavyweight and especially big tire model tractors, traction was not an issue. AND 4x4 on small class machines is really not necessary nor a significant advantage on smaller machines. However,  it does help some, and when in deep job site mud or slick extreme hills the 4x4 helps on the loaders. But at the time the competition was offering 4x4 models and to stay competitive Ingersoll offered a 4x4 model. Both the 7020 and 7020 backhoes were 20 horsepower and most had Kohler Command twin-cylinder engines.  For a time,  20 horsepower Honda engine was offered as an option. Loved by its owners the 7020 is one heck of a workhorse, both loaders, and backhoes. Most owners use it in 2-wheel drive 85 percent of the time but are happy when they need 4x4 and it's there. The 7000 series can lift huge amounts of weight and get work done fast. A quick attach option was available for the front as well as 3 point hitch, and hydraulic rear PTO. They filled a particular market where a real work machine was needed but in a small package. The compact tractors of the competition were just lightweight garden tractors with light loaders added to them. Unlike the Ingersoll's that were true mini construction machines.

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