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Tools and Products

We wanted to provide a place for you to easily find the tools and products we use in our shop and/or you may have heard us recommend in our YouTube videos for specific applications.  When you click on the below photo of our store it will bring you directly to our  Amazon store where you can purchase them for use in your shop too!

Amazon link- Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn small commissions from qualifying purchases from This does not affect your price at all paid to Amazon etc. Amazon takes our small commission out from their end of the prices.


This doesn’t affect which products are included, mentioned, shown, or used in our videos or offered on our sites. All the products we highlight are recommended for their quality, performance and overall reputation regardless of any affiliate relationships and based on our personal opinion and/or experiences regardless of any compensation or not.

But, they are some of the best products out there, so we recommend them. We are big on "value", that does not mean "cheap." But the best bang for your buck.

We strive to recommend the products that could be best overall for most audiences and varying budgets and skill levels so you may notice we recommend or offer multiples or options of similar items by different manufacturers etc. There is anything from DYI to Pro products and options.

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