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  • What is the 3100 and 4100 series?
    The 3100 and 4100 tractors have implements that are all hydraulic driven They are "All Hydraulic" "AH" machines. They have bigger hydraulic pumps and power steering and hydro PTO were standard on them. They have specific model attachments that are made only for "AH" models. And AH tractors should not be used on non AH hydraulic attachments besides log splitter and roto tillers or damage/injury can occur. The 3100 and 4100 series were only manufactured for a couple of years so while they are awesome machines the implements can be hard to come by and costly Another consideration when thinking about owning these tractors is if the motors on the implements fail they are very hard to find a replacement motor and not easily fixed. If Mowing or using a snow blower are the primary use for your machine, you may want to consider a more common front belt PTO machine. If you want to push snow, doze, grade, rototill, split wood mainly then the AH models are fine choices.
  • What is the difference between a 'long frame' and 'short frame' tractor?
    The 'long frame' tractor means that the frame is 2 inches longer You can feel the extra space between the seat and the tower of the tractor They added the extra 2 inches to the tractor so they were able to fit the 60 inch mowers under the tractors. They started making the tractors 'long frame' in 1980 The short frame 400 series tractors have diamond plate pattern on the operators platform between the frame rails, all the small wheel tractors are short frame. Any 200/3000 model are short frame.
  • Is there a way for the front/mid and rear (3 point hitch) hydraulic lifts to move independently from each other on my tractor?
    Yes, we have designed a kit that you can install to make this possible. It is called a selector valve. It will allow you to move either your front/mid or rear implement up and down without the opposite implement moving. You may want to do this if you have, for example, a tiller on the rear and a blade on the front or maybe a blade or blower on the front and weight on the back, a blade in front and York rake in the back, 3 point splitter in rear and blade in front, blade in back and blower in front, mower on belly and something on the 3 point ETC. It is a simple install and we find many people are very happy with the ability to spit the movement of their front and rear implement movements. It really makes you machine much more useful and we would not own a 3 point with out it. The kits can be put on any model Case Ingersoll.
  • Why choose Case Ingersoll and are they right for me?
    YES! lol Please check out our "Why Case Ingersoll" page on this site as well as Our "Original brochure" Page, and our YOU TUBE channel you will finds lots of info on the tractors, how to videos and tractors in action for an idea of what they are as well as their capabilities. There are very few situations where a Case Ingersoll does not fit and or excel.
  • How Can I STOP My Tractor From "Free Wheeling" Down Hill?
    Prior to the mid 1980s these tractors did not have what is called a holding valve installed out of the factory. The holding valve is what would allow you to go down hill without gaining speed or 'free wheeling. With a holding valve what ever speed you start a descend at you will be at the same speed at the bottom. If you tractor does not have one they can be added. After the mid '80s these tractors came out of the factory with a holding valve built into the travel control valve. The add on holding valve is a square block that is attached into the hydraulic system right in front of the rear drive motor - they are a simple install if you do find a machine that does not have the holding valve and you want to add one. Many times we have them in stock used. We do highly recommend them to be added to your machine, especially if you have any hills. Case Ingersolls have good brakes that will stop the machine and lock up the rear. BUT THEY HAVE TO BE IN GOOD SHAPE AND ADJUSTED CORRECTLY. It is a false myth that do not stop well. This is only the case if your machines brake system is in poor condition or out of adjustment or user does not know or understand how to make them work correctly.
  • What oil does the "hydraulic" system in my Case Ingersoll use?
    The Case Ingersoll hydraulic system is NOT designed for regular hydraulic oil or hydro/trans oil, but rather for motor oil 15-40; 20-50; or synthetic 5-40; synthetic 15-40 or synthetic 15-50 diesel oils and racing engine oils in these weights are good choices. If you are looking for how to change the hydraulic oil check out our YouTube Video here: Changing The Hydraulic Oil On Case Ingersoll Garden Tractors Hydrive System
  • How do you know you need to replace your motor mounts on your Kohler powered tractor?
    The need to replace motor mounts tends to be fairly common as these tractors age but not to worry, it can be an easy process to do yourself. If you tractor has a lot of shake and vibration and you feel like the motor mounts are looking a bit tired you can check them you self to verify that they need to be replaced. If the bolts are not centered or close to it in the rubber mounts then they are worn. Check out our YouTube video that will give you all the pointers on not only how to tell if you do need to replace your mounts and how to do the repair yourself. We stock complete motor mount kits to do the job.
  • Why is my tractor 'jumpy' when moving the travel control forward or backwards?
    As the tractor components wear it only takes a small amount of play for the tractor to feel like it jumps as you push the travel initially into forward or reverse You can fix this by replacing the components with OEM factory parts that will make it better for a SHORT time or you can upgrade to our custom very heavy duty travel control linkage full kit we designed. Far superior to OEM or other incomplete inferior linkages out there. Watch this YouTube video for better explanation of what happens when the components wear out, why it gets jumpy and our solution to fix it so you wont have to worry about it for a very long time. This is also a install video as well.
  • Can I adjust the FRONT BELT PTO on my tractor?
    Yes, you can 'field adjust' your PTO to make it properly engage again in a jam, you can also remove the front cooler etc and get at it from the front and do the job as per the manual. Also many times PTO at this point in there lives are do for a rebuild or refresh. For tips and 'How To" - watch the below video. We will explain what tools you need and how you can adjust the PTO while its on your tractor without disassembling to do so. Also watch our video on how to do a full rebuild of your PTO.
  • What Do I need to add a Heavy Duty Hydraulic Roto Tiller To A Case Ingersoll Tractor Or Loader
    Case Ingersoll tillers are hydraulic drive that can rotate in both directions, and they work fantastic. Check out our gardening videos. You will need a few things on any Case Ingersoll to be able to use a tiller. First you need a hydraulic "PTO" valve to power the tiller, they can be added to any Case Ingersoll Hydro tractor or loader and are a pretty easy install, You will need a hitch to mount the tiller, the cheapest is a sleeve hitch, the most versatile is a independent 3 point hitch with a sleeve hitch adapter and of course the tiller. We often get asked how much it costs to set up a tractor for tilling. It varys . But figure $250 to $450 for PTO, Sleeve hitch $200 to $400 OR you can opt for a 3 Point Hitch and sleeve Hitch adapter $600 to $1200 and the tiller $400 to $1000. These are "used" prices and averages.
  • What About A Power Angle Dozer/Plow Blade?
    Yes you can add hydraulic powered angle to your plow. It is not a very hard upgrade to do, especially if you have some basic fabrication skills. You need a small hydraulic cylinder and one of our costume "selector valve" kits. So you can operate the angle cylinder separately. These kits are available in our store under "hydraulic" or "custom kits."

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